Discover Interesting Things about How to Store Luggage

The tiny details that keep your baggage looking brand new. Therefore, to extend the using life of anything, it must be utilized and maintained appropriately. So, what should we do to preserve our luggage in good condition?

1. Try not to get your luggage wet

Whether your luggage is hard or soft, it must store in an area that is not damp or overheated. By placing a few packets of desiccant or a few packages of scented dried flowers in your luggage, you may prevent being inhabited by germs, mildew, or insects.

2. Keep your luggage clean regularly

You’re also aware that after a period of inactivity without cleaning, the zipper rusts and dries up, making it difficult or impossible to pull. You should lubricate the zipper regularly to avoid the zipper becoming stuck. To clean the outside of plastic luggage, use a moist towel; for fabric bags, use a soft brush.

3. Cleaning luggage wheels

Aside from the zipper, the wheel is a crucial feature that should clean regularly. Moving under the surface causes the suitcase wheel to become dusty in the nooks and crevices, making movement more difficult. After each journey, remove the wheels or use a brush to properly clean the suitcase’s wheels.

4. Store the luggage when not in use

Even when we do not use the luggage, we must store it properly. First, keep your luggage in a cool place, which can store in a cabinet. Do not put heavy items on top of the suitcase when stored so that it is not deformed or cracked. For plastic luggage which will be damaged. It will be distorted and deformed because its function is to store things, not to bear the force from above like that. If it is plastic luggage, it may crack.