Whizzing 8-wheel Detachable Trolley Backpack Waterproof Shopping Bag



Shopping trips will be a breeze with this version of the free-rolling 4 double-caster wheeler trolley bag. The ease of manoeuvring this bag through the shopping alleys means that you no longer have to lug along your partner (to do the heavy lifting) during shopping.

Dimensions/Weight of trolley backpack:

  • 51cm*30cm*17cm, 1.8kg

Dimensions of bag (without trolley):

  • 41cm*29cm*16cm


  • Waterproof fabric
  • 4 double-caster base (detachable, not foldable)
  • Detachable, retractable trolley handle
  • 2 hand grips
  • Side zipper pocket
  • Front pocket
  • Main compartment with multiple pockets